By Damilola Adebayo   |   Nov 14 2022

The concept of babysitting the documents is an act of manually routing and tracking documents through a process from point A to point B. This routine business process includes approving, reviewing, minuting, commenting, onboarding, and contracting. Essentially any time you manually route a document from Point A to Point B and so on, you are babysitting a document.

Babysitting the documents can be a herculean task and often constitutes a huge pain for its demand on one’s time.  Moreover, unattended documents are often at the risk of being lost and can constitute several administrative/operational bottlenecks. 


In Nigeria for instance there are 943 MDAs and 541 state owned Corporations making a total of 1484 state run establishments. A review done across this establishment has shown that over 95% of their workforce babysits documents. Thus, their process is prone to the challenges highlighted above, and sometimes with even more dire consequences like documents been misplaced.


However, there’s a better way to keep your documents on track and to mitigate the risks of document routing.

The Solution

Your solution starts with a frank and detail discussion of your processes;

  •  How does your organization manage correspondence and internal memos?
  • Are you heavy on the use of papers?
  •  How are your paper documents received and routed from point of receipt to the approvals?
  •  Do you have a central documents management system?
  • How does your routing processes look like for memo within departments?
  •  Are there bottlenecks in this process?
  • Where and who are they?
  •  How are you handling the bottlenecks?
  •  Are those bottlenecks really necessary in your processes—or could they be cut out?

Once your specific process and workflow problems have been pinpointed, you can transition to implementing the solution that is right for your organization’s needs.

Alleviate your workflow struggles by defining and enforcing your processes. Take out the steps that are not essential. Perhaps this is a person whose approval is required in a reviewing process, or maybe it’s a manual step that can be automated. Don’t worry: we’ll help you figure out which steps should go and which should stay.

Next, decide what actions should take place if/when your workflow doesn’t go as planned. For instance, determine what happens when a bottleneck disrupts your workflow. Should the system nudge the bottleneck? Bypass the bottleneck? Divert the document to an equivalent approver?

Once your processes are defined, we can help you automate the process seamlessly. You’ll never again have to babysit documents . Instead, you’d sit back and let your documents flow through their processes.


What do you get?

When you choose a Techspecialist Consulting Limited to manage your document and workflow process, you get results like:

  • Enhanced security for your documents
  • efficient business processes
  • Automatic document routing
  • A productivity boost for your staff, who no longer need to chase documents
  • Stress relief across your entire organization


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