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We pride ourselves in ensuring high level security, resilient and proactive cyber security methodologies to guard your most valuable assets and services

Cyber Security

Security has become more than just an IT problem. Everyone is part of the security process, just like everyone is the solution. Data breaches cost organisations millions of dollars and years of productivity. It can no longer be an afterthought and functional requirements can no longer take precedence over security requirements. Security is no longer a blocker to achievements, it is a key component for your organizational growth. Our comprehensive risk methodology for managed cybersecurity services gives our customers the ability to safeguard their environments and critical business data. This includes continuous threat detection and response, leading vulnerability management. information security strategy, network assessments and remediation plan. Our cybersecurity specialists hunt for threats, monitor data and alerts from your environments, and flag anomalies 24/7 with the aid of modern detection technology. We help you protect all your workstations, servers, cloud services, IoT devices, and your digital environments.

Vulnerability Assessment

We offer services for potential vulnerabilities in your defense as well as finding malware implanted in your system. We combine the best of breed technology with the skills of top professionals in the field and help you protect your digital assets.

Network Security Assessment

Our expert team monitors numerous threat intelligence feeds and constantly updates detection rules, so the findings are enriched with the latest threat intel that is relevant to your environments and line of business and actions to mitigate them.

Information Security Training

The best way to mitigate cyber security risk is through effective, comprehensive training of users about information security. We work with your organization to customize security training your team needs to stay ahead against cyber-attacks.

Strategic Information Security Planning

We help you protect your brand and reputation with the right strategy. Showing your customer and partners that you take cybersecurity seriously will build trust and increase your value in their eyes.

Why Techspecialist

Our team has the expertise and relationships to get the right solution in place for your business.

Access to a dedicated solution team with years of industry experience

Vendor agnostic approach – we design the solution based on the need identified during our discovery

Ability to leverage vendor relationships to obtain better pricing, eliminating the need to go direct

End-to-end support through the entire sales process (i.e., design, implementation, installation, testing, and management)

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