Digital Transformation; Biometrics and Ghost Workers

By Damilola Adebayo   |   Apr 05 2023

XYZ Company has been struggling to keep track of employees. They were dealing with many issues, including ghost workers.


They had implemented an attendance system, but some employees had found ways to cheat the system. They would ask their colleagues to sign in for them while they were absent, thus creating "a ghost worker situation" who received salaries without actually working. This affected overall work productivity, drainage of scarce resources, money lost to payroll fraud, and also created lethargy, especially amongst the hardworking staff


The HR department was aware of the problem, but they didn't have a foolproof solution. That's when they decided to bring in Techspecialist Consulting Limited a digital transformation expert to help them solve the issue.


We suggested a new system that would use biometric system technology which included face recognition not just fingerprints to ensure the right person was present for attendance. They also introduced a real-time monitoring system that would alert the HR department if any employee tried to sign in from an unauthorized location.


The HR department was skeptical at first, but after a few months of testing, the new system proved to be a success. The ghost workers disappeared, and the attendance system was now foolproof.


However, this digital transformation had unintended consequences. Some employees were not comfortable with the new system, as they felt their privacy was being invaded. They were uncomfortable with their faces being scanned and stored in the system's database.


To address this, the company had to make a few adjustments to the system. They added an option for employees to opt out of facial recognition and choose the traditional fingerprint system instead. They also assured their employees that their data would be protected and only used for attendance purposes.


Over time, the biometric system became an accepted part of XYZ operations, and it helped to improve the company's bottom line. We also continued to invest in digital transformation, introducing new technologies and processes to further streamline the company's operations.


As a result of the CEO's efforts, XYZ became a leader in its industry, with a reputation for efficiency and innovation. The company's success also inspired other businesses to embrace digital transformation and adopt biometric systems to eliminate the problem of ghost workers.


In the end, the digital transformation brought many benefits to the company. It eliminated the problem of ghost workers, improved attendance tracking, plugged the windfall associated with over-bloated payroll, and increased overall productivity. However, it also highlighted the importance of balancing technological advancements with employees' privacy concerns.


XYZ's story showed that embracing digital transformation can have a profound impact on a business. Don't get left behind in the digital age. Let us help you transform your business for the future. Contact us via email at or call 092911443.


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