Ideate & Validate - Part 1

By Damilola Adebayo   |   Jan 25 2021

“Fall in love with the PROBLEM, not the SOLUTION” - Uri Levin.

The first time I read this quote, like most of you, I had to pause to digest its meaning. This line of reasoning is opposite to human nature. Because when we see a problem; we tend to quickly think up a solution. Our mechanized mindset is quick to click on the “solution button”. This is usually based on our predisposition. Then we run with it, selling it to prospective beneficiaries enthusiastically and passionately as though it was the only commodity in the market. This tendency is called the Einstellung Effect. We fixate on a solution and see nothing else! I am convinced I just described myself! 😊

It is noteworthy then that the above quote is asking that we do the exact opposite! Love the problem, not the solution! How so? For a start, we make a conscious effort to re-train our minds to pause and dissect a problem …analyzing, brewing over its reason for existence…falling in love with it! Thus, resisting the urge to see a solution and end this process prematurely. We need to deliberately keep our eyes open, our mind without borders, our thoughts unbiased leading us to often surprisingly, unique, and sometimes novel results. Ultimately, we become more welcoming to investigate why is it a problem in the first place? What is its root cause? What can I do to resolve it? What idea for possible solutions can this birth?

Do you think this is applicable to other aspects of life other than business? I sure do!

Ideas can come from anywhere, anyone, and at any time. But how can we sieve through and find one so valid, it solves specific problems, tops the priority list of specific users enough to result in a willingness to part with finances?

Guess what? Your seat is reserved as my team at Techspecialist Consulting Limited kickstart this business year with multiple brainstorming sessions. Making presentations from intense research on finding out proven ways to validate an idea as to whether it is trash or cash! Without spending a dime, we will find profit-making ideas! Sounds too ambitious? Then stay tuned in! But hey! you have to share in the work. So here is your assignment: Research fundamental steps, oven overlooked to validating our ideas:

  1. User validation
  2. Market Research and
  3. Value Proposition

Would you rather not have your business handled by a team who takes out precious payable time to think through problems first?!

We are one click away.

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